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Corina graduated from UCT in 1997 with a B.Sc.Physiotherapy, and joined the brain-drain to the UK where she became involved in pelvic health. She returned to South Africa after completing a post graduate qualification in Women’s Health, and has been based at the Kingsbury Hospital ever since. In 2016 she completed her Masters in Physiotherapy through Stellenbosch University with original research into pelvic floor muscle function during gait. She sees all pelvic patients – Women’s Health, Men’s Health and paediatric bladder bowel dysfunction. The majority of her caseload involves chronic pain with multiple co-morbidity – everything going wrong all at once. Special interests include anxiety and its impact on function, and anything to do with gait (human locomotion). She was a founding member of the Pelvic and Women’s Health Physiotherapy Group post graduate training courses, and lectures extensively both nationally and internationally.

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