Dr Gary Kroukamp

Ear Nose & Throat (ENT) Specialist

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Dr Kroukamp's philosophy is underpinned by a patient centred and family focussed approach and he states : “It is my professional duty to provide patient centred, evidence based health care of the highest quality, and to adopt a collaborative approach to planning the management and care of my patients with the outcome of an improved quality of life”. It is Dr Kroukamp's mission to provide state of the art ear nose and throat consultative health care based on the most current evidence and research while also taking into account the opinions of his patients and to consider their unique circumstances. Dr Kroukamp is a dedicated family man and fully understands the concerns patients have when undergoing any form of medical treatment for either themselves or a family member and has a very insightful approach when dealing with young children . Dr Kroukamp adopts a conservative approach to surgery and believes in sharing the management of conditions with his patients when deciding on the extent of surgery required. He appreciates that the relationship between doctor and client is a privileged one and respects that patients have a choice in their care provider

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