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Dr Martin Young, an ENT surgeon, receives excellent reviews from his patients because his patients achieve optimal results. 
Dr Young has embraced the 'chisel' method of treating 'surfer's ear,' or exostoses, giving quicker, less painful and faster healing procedures usually on both ears at the same time.
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Damian Gramgena - Australia

‘I have had surfers ear for a couple of years and been putting the op off due to most of my friends having bad experiences. Finally, after a triple dose of infections in Tahiti I decided to look into it. I found Dr Young through an article in the Zigzag surf mag and his procedure seemed to make sense. He was most accommodating as I travel a lot and my free time is limited the actual procedure was nothing of the bad reports I had got from friends that had had the drilling process. Quick almost painless and record recovery time passed audio-gram 2 weeks after the op for my seafarers medical. Thanks to Dr young and his team I highly recommend anyone with this contact Dr young it is really worth going this route.‘

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Storm Regester - Robertson, South Africa

‘I've been surfing and diving in the cold Atlantic for the past 25yrs and always suffered with my ears as a result and never wore plugs! Had my 1st surgery done 10yrs ago by means of the “drilling” method and although had and still have exceptional results, it was defiantly a very post-traumatic healing experience. Having medical bandage plugs inserted and removed weekly for the first few weeks and being ear deaf for 5 weeks wasn't cool! 8 weeks later I surfed for the 1st time again. Time had caught up with my other ear and needed to have a procedure to clear my canal, APPREHENSION is a big word!

Did my research on alternatives and met Dr Young and made the call to go with the “chisel” method this time.
Well, I am extremely happy I did! I am 15 days post-surgery and couldn’t be happier with the results and experience thus far.

The actual surgery was a technical case for Dr Young due to my growths, however, I booked into the hospital the morning and was back at my B&B late afternoon chilling on the couch. No serious pain or discomfort nor silly head bandages, actually was back in the office the next day taking it easy.

3 days later popped back in to see Dr Young for a checkup and have the plug removed, which was painless and quick.
Although still a little tender to touch as the canal is healing, my ear feels great and drains well. I highly recommend Dr Young and his “chisel” method especially as recovery time is key to getting back to the watersports we love!

PS: wear earplugs!’

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Charlie Edwards -

New Zealand

‘I had surfers ear in both sides, with the exostoses pushing against the eardrum and creating a constant feeling of discomfort. When I went to see Dr Young I was hesitant about getting the operation (I was supposed to be on holiday!) but having done my research realised that I was very fortunate to have stumbled across him when I did. I was visiting from New Zealand, where I would have had to pay privately for an archaic version of the same procedure. Dr Young offers a minimally invasive and state-of-the-art operation involving entry through the ear canal and removal of the exostoses with a chisel. And as far as I could tell it is not offered by many surgeons globally. I had the operation in Feb 2017 and am extremely happy with the results. Since then I've had absolutely no problems.

I would (and do) thoroughly recommend a visit to Dr Young for anyone with surfers ear that needs fixing. He is passionate about the operation itself and from my experience is very good at what he does.’

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Alex Odendal -

Jeffrey’s Bay, South Africa

‘Had 3 procedures previously with good results but really the healing time and pain (although there are tablets for that ūüėŹ) are restrictive.I am now on day 8 post-surgery and able to function normally but obviously no surfing for another 2-3 weeks which seems a lot shorter than the other procedure. Another advantage, in my opinion, is that both ears were done simultaneously.
Dr Young is really passionate about this procedure and patient care is excellent .’

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De Villiers Britz -

Somerset West, South Africa

‘After years of suffering ear infections, I decided I had to face surgery and schedule an appointment with Dr Martin Young. Had both my ears done on the 6th of December 2019 at Life Knysna Private Hospital. The operation only took 1 hour and recovery time takes about 3 weeks, great timing for someone that can’t wait to get back in the water! My experience was amazing, everything was well explained, quality of care was excellent and results exceeded my best wishes. Dr Young and his staff took care of all the details and was always available to answer questions and help in any way. I highly recommend Dr Young and his chisel method for anyone with surfers ear that needs fixing.‘

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