Where is the facility? 
All our practitioner's practice from various locations. Please check your booking confirmation, to confirm the address of the practitioner whom you have booked. 
Does the doctor accept medical aids?

This depends. Each practitioner runs his/her practice differently. Some practitioners accept medical aids, others are only a cash practice (accept cash/card only). All Ingress Healthcare practitioners accept card, cash, Snap Scan and EFT. 
Irrespective, Ingress Healthcare ensures all our practitioners are registered with South Africa’s major medical aids, this ensures you can claim back from your medical aid should the practitioner not accept medical aids in his/her practice.  
What is the consultation fee for medical aid patients? 
Each Ingress Healthcare practitioner determines their own rates independently.  Please see the practitioner's profile page or contact Ingress Healthcare head office for a more detailed breakdown of the practitioner rates and services. 
What are the age restrictions for patients? 
It depends! Some practitioners only see children or women eg. paediatricians and gynaecologists
Please see the practitioner's profile page for any patient specifications  
What if I need to talk to the practitioner urgently?  
Don’t worry, we can help! Simply call Ingress Healthcare head office. Head office will be able to arrange for lost and found (if you forgot your sunglasses, keys, card etc.), alternatively if you require sick note or referral letter or a follow-up booking, we would be able to help with all that admin.  
Please keep in mind, you should go to your closest emergency centre for all emergencies. 

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