What service does Ingress provide for the Monthly fee?
For the convenience of the Ingress Healthcare model, practitioners pay a small monthly fee to enable Ingress Healthcare to provide:

  • Access to patients; includes 24/7 booking support by, customised online Ingress Healthcare profile, personalized email, and call centre. 

  • Electronic diary and practice management software  

  • Electronic Medical Records (patient notes and files) 

  • Real time “in room” medical benefits checks, otherwise called “switching” 

  • End of month bookkeeping 

  • Collection of bad debt

  • Personalized medical stationery and medical uniform on request

When do you take the 35%?

All Monthly fees: R 4 999 and 35% are collected via Debit order at the end of the month. Because Ingress Healthcare values transparency, we provide the practitioner with a full  monthly breakdown of all your patients. 
Do you pay my tax? 
No, but we can direct you to an accounting firm familiar with the Ingress Healthcare Model.  
Please keep in mind all income generated on the Ingress Healthcare Model is regarded as income and liable to income tax. Ingress Healthcare does not currently provide a pay as you earn option (PAYE) 
Do receptionists work after hours? 
Sometimes, this would be facility dependent.  
Who answers the phone / emails? 
All bookings and queries are managed by Ingress Healthcare head office. Should a patient or pharmacist need to contact the practitioner directly, head office will screen the concern and forward your details accordingly
What marketing does Ingress Healthcare do for the practitioner?

Practitioners enrolled in the network can leverage off the Ingress Healthcare Group digital marketing initiatives; SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), SEM (Search Engine Marketing), Social Media campaigns and blogs. The objective of all digital campaigns is to drive patient acquisition.  
Also, each practitioner is given a customisable, mobile-optimised webpage (housed on the Ingress Healthcare website) for their medical practice brand; which houses their profile photo, bio, list of primary services, price list and online booking platform.  
Health Blog - Ingress Healthcare also offers access to various Ingress powered blogs where practitioners can publish their posts, share them to social media or publish via their webpage for additional discoverability.  
Leverage marketing platforms - If a practitioner already has a website or active social media following, they can link their Ingress Healthcare profile to these web pages to make followers and patients aware of their online services. 
How do I know what to change per consult? 

Ingress Healthcare can assist with billing optimisation to ensure your rates are competitive as well as assit in contracting with medical aids.
How do I book a facility? 
Ingress Healthcare has a variety of facilities on the Ingress Network. Once you are enrolled, you can book any facility on the platform. All practitioners on the Starter Plan can book one session week. Please keep in mind, each session comprises of 4 consecutive hours i.e an afternoon/morning
Once your practice begins to reach full capacity, you may require more sessions. . At this point Ingress Healthcare will reach out and guide you on the next steps.  
Where is the facility? 
All our practitioner's practice from various locations. Please check your booking confirmation, to confirm the address of the practitioner whom you have booked. 
Does the doctor accept medical aids?

This depends. Each practitioner runs his/her practice differently. Some practitioners accept medical aids, others are only a cash practice (accept cash/card only). All Ingress Healthcare practitioners accept card, cash, Snap Scan and EFT. 
Irrespective, Ingress Healthcare ensures all our practitioners are registered with South Africa’s major medical aids, this ensures you can claim back from your medical aid should the practitioner not accept medical aids in his/her practice.  
What is the consultation fee for medical aid patients? 
Each Ingress Healthcare practitioner determines their own rates independently.  Please see the practitioner's profile page or contact Ingress Healthcare head office for a more detailed breakdown of the practitioner rates and services. 
What are the age restrictions for patients? 
It depends! Some practitioners only see children or women eg. paediatricians and gynaecologists
Please see the practitioners profile page for any patient specifications  
What if I need to talk to the practitioner urgently?  
Don’t worry, we can help! Simply call Ingress Healthcare head office. Head office will be able to arrange for lost and found (if you forgot your sunglasses, keys, card etc.), alternatively if you require sick note or referral letter or a follow-up booking, we would be able to help with all that admin.  
Please keep in mind, you should go to your closest emergency center for all emergencies. 
How many days a month do I need to make available? 

Just one! Ingress Healthcare requires a facility to be available for a minimum of one session a week i.e four consecutive hours/ per week i.e.  morning or afternoon. As the facility owner, you determine the time, the day and the frequency.  
How much can I make? 

This depends on your availability. By offering a single room, for a session per week, you can earn up to R 3000 a month, and up to R100 000 per month with a single room at full capacity.  
When do I get paid? 

Once you have been matched with a practitioner, Ingress Healthcare commits to paying upfront, for peace of mind.  

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