It's time to change the way you practice.

Here’s how Ingress Healthcare can help.

Facility Network Access

Reception Services

Electronic Patient Records

Medical Billing & Bookkeeping 

Debt Collection

Why is Ingress Healthcare relevant to practitioners?

Ingress Healthcare is a complete medical business solution, allowing practitioners to practice from established facilities within the Ingress Healthcare network.
This enables flexibility and expanded geographical patient reach.
Supported by our dedicated head office staff and efficient digital solutions, practitioners can focus on what they do best, while we take care of the rest.

How It Works

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How much does Ingress cost?

Ingress offers dynamic pricing and product options to fit your career path.

– Dr N.B. , Ingress General Practitioner

"After several years of many long hours in a government hospital and not having control over my schedule, I became a mother and just couldn’t do it anymore. I decided to start my own practice and be my own boss. While I was prepared for the uncertainty of going out on my own, I was not prepared for the huge challenges that came with getting myself established: renting a facility, growing a patient base, paying and managing staff, ordering and paying for equipment and consumables, registering with medical aids, billing patients and chasing up non-payments, all on top of spending time seeing my patients and addressing all of the admin that goes with that. I ended up spending late nights buried in paperwork and stressing about my finances. Ingress takes away all of these unnecessary hassles and allows me to just be a doctor. The difference this has made to me is immeasurable: I would not still be in private practice if it was not for Ingress.

– Dr L.C. , Ingress Neonatologist

"I have been a certified Neonatologist, a sub-speciality of paediatrics, registered with the HPCSA and BHF since 2017. Despite being qualified for nearly 24 months, I remain victimised

by established practitioners and systems rendering me unable to operate in the private sector. Without personal means, I am unable to provide the collateral required for setting up a personal practice or marketing myself effectively, so I remain stuck in a perpetual cycle. My sixteen years of tertiary training and specialist skills have essentially left me unable to provide an adequate income for my family. No posts are currently available in the state sector for my accreditation. I am only one of thousands of individuals who find themselves in such a


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