The SEC Resource Centre aims to provide support and resources for patients who are at risk of developing or already suffer from Surfer's Ear. 

Surfer's Ear

ZIGZAG interviews Dr. Young to get the low-down on Surfer’s Ear – prevention, cure and how reverting back to traditional methods of surgery, as he does, could save you time, money and your precious saltwater sessions.  

Surf Trip: Medical Kit Checklist

Planning your dream surfing holiday? Here’s an itemized medical kit to stop an unforeseen ear infection ruining your trip.

‘Swimmer’s ear’ - how to look after yourself?

If you develop an outer ear infection and do not have easy access to medical care - what can you do?

ENT Chisel surgeons are a rare breed.

How many ENTs offer chisel surgery for Surfers Ear?

When is the ‘best’ time to have surgery?

When is the best time to have chisel surgery to treat problematic Surfer's Ear?

What is the risk if you have your ears drilled, rather than chiselled?

The biggest argument in favour of not using a drill to treat "Surfer's Ear" is the risk of noise-induced hearing loss.

Let’s talk a bit about ‘swimmer’s ear.’

What is it, how do you get it, how can you prevent it and how do you treat it if there are no doctors nearby?

Do I need to wear earplugs?

Here’s the issue unraveled.

The impact of noise during drill surgery.

Considering having your ears drilled ... rather than chiselled?

Chisel surgery 

Don’t talk your ENT into using a chisel if he or she is not experienced with the method.

Debunking myths and chisel surgery.

8 things about chisel surgery that surfers no longer need to worry about.

Surfer's Ear surgery

Early or late - how does waiting impact your surgery?

Take-home facts coming out of our ENT Congress. 

Ten things ENTs talk about with regard to this condition.

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