Ingress Healthcare Speciality Units

Healthcare, by design, is a multidisciplinary profession in which doctors, medical specialists, and allied health professionals from various specialities work together, in one medical unit to provide comprehensive patient care.

Multidisciplinary team care is a key feature of Ingress Healthcare. We have developed multiple units focussing on different healthcare needs. 

COVID-19 Unit

Qualified doctors enrolled with Ingress Healthcare are conducting COVID-19 screening consultations. ​ During the consultation, the doctor will assess whether the patient is exhibiting symptoms of COVID-19 and if they meet the criteria for COVID-19 testing. ​ If the patient is symptomatic (shows signs of COVID-19), the doctor will test the patient on-site.


Nurturey is a Cape Town-based multidisciplinary medical practice dedicated to supporting the health and development of children and moms. This team of specialised practitioners are here to help you navigate the entire parenting journey – from conception to early adolescence.

Surfer's Ear Clinic

One in three water sportspeople develops recurrent ear infections and hearing loss. Have your ears checked today.

Sports Medicine Orthopaedic Centre

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Advanced Cardiac Rehabilitation Centre

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