Dr Rasmita Ori

Neuropsychiatrist and Consultant Psychiatrist

MBChB(Natal), DMH(SA), FCPsych(SA), MMed(UCT)(Cum Laude), Cert. Neuropsychiatry(SA)

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About Dr Rasmita Ori

Dr. Ori is a Sub-Specialist Neuropsychiatrist accredited with the Colleges of Medicine of South Africa and the HPCSA.
She has worked in both state and private hospital systems. Dr. Ori has managed Neuropsychiatry and Consultation Liaison Sub-Specialist units as well as Acute Female Psychiatric Services. She is currently also a senior Lecturer at the University of Cape Town.

Neuropsychiatry is the interface of Psychiatry and Neurology that deals with mental disorders, which in most cases can be shown to have their origin from an identifiable brain malfunction.

Dr. Ori treats a range of conditions including, the psychiatric aspects of:

- Traumatic brain injury
- Epilepsy
- Strokes
- Central nervous system infections including HIV
- Memory impairments including dementia
- Neurodegenerative conditions including Huntingtons Disease
- Parkinson's Disease
- Auto- immune disorders including SLE, Multiple Sclerosis
- Endocrine and metabolic disorders